Monday, June 30, 2008

Ouran High School Host Club (Anime)

Seven good looking high school guys in different "flavors", who spend their spare time making money through a Host Club. All they do is entertain bored ladies. And then, along came the scholar student, Haruhi, who breaks a very expensive vase...the scholar student ends up becoming the Host Club's dog, their errand boy. When discovered to possess a beautiful face behind the dorky glasses, Haruhi becomes an official Host Club member. With natural hosting talents, Haruhi soon becomes popular and loved by all.

The best anime series I've ever watched.

I found that guys think this is too gay for them. I suggest they hide in their rooms when they watch it. Just find a way to watch it alone if you're too embarrassed.

The art is good and the humor is even better.

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Mush said...

i totally agree! OHSHC rocks! i love it! best show/manga EVER! LITERALLY!