Saturday, July 5, 2008

Awake (Hollywood)

Jessica Alba
Hayden Christensen
Terrence Howard

Filthy rich guy is in love with his widowed mother's assistant. Widowed mother does not know of the affair even though they've been together for a year. Filthy rich guy needs a heart transplant, but he happens to be of blood type O so it's too hard to get a donor.

When filthy rich guy finally gets the courage to stand up to widowed mother for hot girlfriend/assistant, they marry the same night. And on the same night he gets a heart donor.

On the operating table, he stays awake after the anesthesia is injected. He hears and sees everything.

That's when the twist appears :D If you want to know more, comment and I'll comment back the twist.

Your heart will probably get tired after the first 20 minutes of the movie. You get to see a lot of gruesome stuffs :D But the movie was worth it. I just hope I wouldn't have to go under the knife anytime soon while the movie is still fresh.

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