Friday, July 25, 2008

Batman: The Dark Knight

It was really really good. Heath Ledger was amazing BUT it isn't worth an Oscar as some people claim. I liked the fact that you couldn't tell which was CGI and which were not. The editing was soo goood.

What I didn't like: Christian Bale ('the' Batman) didn't get enough screen time. WTF is up with that? I know that we're all really sad that Heath Ledger died but Joker IS NOT the Dark Knight. The director could have at least created a different version (something that wasn't 2 1/2 hours long...he REALLY did get too much screen time and I think they were afraid to steal some from the others). What about a 2 hour movie with just the right amount of Joker scenes, more Batman appearances and just the same amount of explosions? Sounds good right?

Oh and why didn't we get enough gadgets this season? Is it because the Ferrari cost them a lot? (LOL I have no Idea if they actually spent on that or if they had a deal with them or whatever... It just hurt when they thrashed it in the movie. I hope the Ferrari's doing fine right now :)). The bike was BEAUTIFUL. That almost compensated for the lack of new gadgets but not quite.

So should you watch it? Definitely? Should you expect something EPIC? No. Just watch it and enjoy :)

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