Monday, October 13, 2008

Babylon AD

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I expected this movie to be corny. It wasn't. I liked it. There isn't much depth... but then it's Vin Diesel so who's looking for depth? (Oooohh the "Original Parts"[/cast] of Fast and Furious are coming back! That looks interesting. Did you know why the first movie was such a big thing? Because it was a low budget movie that turned out to be a hit! Ha! It surprised the producers! Ok so enough of that...)

I'm glad there was no sex scene. It's not that I'm conventional or anything (though I am) but it's one of those things that ruin THAT type of movie. Weren't you relieved when there was no kissing scene in the end of Constantine?

Anyway, a lot of people hated the last scene so SPOILERS BEWARE!

The weird girl with fish eyes (you know, her eyes were a little too apart from each other) actually died in the end. I didn't expect that. Oooh and she gave birth to twins who have absolutely no resemblance to her (oh please don't tell me you still haven't figured out how she became pregnant when she was a virgin. We've had test tube babies for decades now). The lack of resemblance was actually funny... Vin Diesel as a father was...weird. Not 'The Pacifier'-weird... it's just weird. I expect that he'll be teaching those kids to kill or be killed. Vin Diesel as a gentle character isn't right... But still, that's the ending. And YEAH, it really ended that way. Anti-climactic. But who cares? The whole movie was enough to make you tired through out anyway (though still not as much as 'The Happening' which was so misappropriately titled by the way. Come on, 'The Happening'? I thought there was a party or something.)

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