Monday, October 13, 2008

Tropic Thunder is 7x better than Zohan

I absolutely loved Don't Mess with the Zohan. It was just plain nice-fun-racist comedy. (NO! 'Paul and Harry's racist sketch on the Filipina maid was not funny at all. It wasn't even funny. And who the hell was that maid that agreed to play that stupid role? If that were a Filipina, she better not come home or I'll make sure she become infamous here. We know how to laugh and we know how to make fun of ourselves, but laughing about OFW's is another matter...View More>>

However, Ben Stiller sure did a better job than Adam Sandler. Actually I really like Ben Stiller than Adam Sandler as an actor. Ben Stiller CAN act. He can portray different annoying and ridiculous characters that appeal to my kind of humor. On the other hand, Adam Sandler looks exactly the same in whatever he portrays. He has the same slurred voice even when he tries to cover it with Middle-Eastern-Asian accent. What made Don't Mess with the Zohan sell was the idea - think of a super-solider turned hair stylist that gives free sex to old ladies HA HA! And no one could have made a funnier poster!

Tropic Thunder is 7x better than You Don't Mess With the Zohan.

Then there's Ben Stiller and Tropic Thunder. THAT idea was mind blowing. That's something that my brother day dreams about - actors thrown into a real war zone and they still think that they're shooting a movie. THEN he surrounds himself with really good actors: Robert Downy, Jr's big blue, shiny eyes were more dramatic that Puss in Boots and his 'trailer' with Toby Maguire was ABSOLUTELY THE BEST! Black Jack's dirty vocabulary appeared in the most appropriate times but I expected him to be funnier than how he appeared. He did wonderful job in Nacho Libre... maybe he's the type of comedian who does better when all the spotlight is on him or something (he's amazing nonetheless). And that young kid...I haven't the slightest idea who he is. The *real* black dude was funny as well (Brandon Jackson appeared in 'Big Stan' as well but I couldn't figure out where... I should have written something when I watched that.) I found it really funny when he was trying to rebuke Robert Downy, Jr. LOL-scene!

And I'm so impressed that Ben Stiller didn't mind it a tiny bit even though he knew that Tom Cruise will steal the spot light from him.

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